Friday, October 22, 2010

Autism clinic

Sweets had her autism clinic appointment today. The doc said that while there are a few markers, like not pointing appropriately, that in the big picture she has very strong social skills (enjoys peek-a-boo, chasing, kissing, waving, etc) and that they do not see indication of autism.

As for what it is, if not autism, they still don't know. They want to see her in speech therapy, which she is scheduled to start any time, probably next week, anyway. They noted that she favors one side, and asked the neurologist to step in. He did some manipulations and reflex tests on her, and watched her try to walk with no pants on (I guess to watch her legs?). She doesn't walk independently yet (just takes a few steps), so I held her hands so she could walk for that test. He only saw her for like 5 mins, but he said he didn't really see anything alarming. He said we should still keep our full neurology eval in December though. He also mentioned that we could do an MRI on her, but that it's hard at this age and that she would have to be under anesthesia, so they'd rather wait until she's two.

The overall take-home message was just wait and see how she does with therapy. Really no new information, since we didn't really think she had autism anyway. Just confirmation of that.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

autism eval coming up

Sweets is 18 months and will be having an eval this week at the autism clinic. I don't really think that's what she has, but that's where our ped has referred us. I hope that they can at least refer us to another specialist that might be more what we need, because I don't really know where we should be going. We do have an appointment with a neurologist in December, but I don't know if that's the right place for us either.

My daughter doesn't talk at all, or even make many varied types of noises - BA and MA are her staples, but she has recently started making sounds that approach GA and LA and P. She tests delayed for receptive and expressive language. She points, but not with meaning, like she knows when we expect her to point to something, she just doesn't know to what so she points randomly. She is not very interested in toys, but she loves any kind of paper to eat and tear up, particularly tissues or toilet paper. But, she is definitely social and cuddly. She asks for kisses by making the kissy face, she loves chasing and peekaboo, she smiles and makes eye contact. So that's why I didn't think autism clinic was really the right place for us because she doesn't really have any social issues. I mean, just because she has language delay, doesn't mean autism right? Or maybe I just don't know that much about differences on the spectrum. Oh, and she also has gross motor/tone/balance issues and doesn't walk yet (but is very close I think!).