Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our first IEP

We had our first IEP meeting on Friday, which was to determine eligibility and then develop the plan that the school will provide for Sweets once she turns 3 years old this month. I have to say, it went as well as I could have hoped for!

I was concerned that the school decided not to do their own speech eval on Sweets as they had planned to do. They ended up taking our two recent speech evals instead and determined they didn't need to do their own. However, she scored a 79 on our eval, and the cutoff for services is 78, so she would not qualify just based on that.

They did note in their cognitive and OT reports that she had significant speech delays that were evident for those tests. In the end, all parties agreed that she did require speech services, even though her speech score didn't qualify her.

Her adaptive score was below 70, so she qualified under that measure, as well as for PT (score 74). Her OT score was in the average range, but one of the subtests showed deficits in planning and ideas, which is more of an adaptive skill.

They were able to qualify her based on her adaptive scores, and then give her speech services too anyway!

The team will give her speech 3 times per week - 2 of which will be pull-outs.

But that's not all - they will also give her PT once per week. And special education for one hour per day.

And they are giving her a developmental day placement, which is at the same school she already attends, meaning that the county will pay for her preschool. We still have to pay for after-school hours and summer.

But speaking of summer, they are also giving her extended school year for speech, though it will only be once per week. But still, I hear they hardly ever give that out.

For goals, we got a speech articulation goal, a speech communication goal, a social play goal, an early literacy goal, a basic concepts goal, and a PT goal.

Overall, I was very satisfied with the goals and services we are going to get!