Monday, June 20, 2011

Communication Boards

Our communication boards are here. The people at the state early intervention office made them for us after our recent speech eval. We are supposed to use them to help prompt her to say the words verbally. She already knows how to sign pretty much all of these words. They also gave us a communication device to use, which has different communication boards that you put in the device and then you can push on the picture to hear the word. It reminds me of some books we have like that, except they are customizable. Here are the communication boards:

One note - I have to say that I really appreciate that she made the picture for "Milk" a picture of nursing. That is quite applicable to our lives with a nursing toddler! And it is certainly a frequently needed word for Sweets!

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  1. Hi!

    I was so glad to stumble across your blog. Our daughter is 20 mos and has developmental delays. I sometimes feel so lost, so it is so nice to hear someone else talk about their travel through EI and all these evals!