Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wechsler Results

We got the results back from our Wechsler test:

Verbal Comprehension Composite: 73
Subtest: Information - 6
Subtest: Similarities - 3

Visual Spatial Composite: 58
Subtest: Block Design - 1
Subtest: Object Assembly - 4

Fluid Reasoning Composite: 85
Subtest: Matrix Reasoning - 9
Subtest: Picture Concepts - 6

Working Memory Composite: 67
Subtest: Picture Memory - 1
Subtest: Zoo Locations - 7

Processing Speed Composite: 75
Subtest: Bug Search - 6
Subtest: Cancellation - 5

Full Scale IQ: 69

Two years ago, she had a Stanford-Binet test and scored 73. This time she took a Wechsler test and scored 69, which they say is in the margin of error of the last test, but puts her in a different category (70 cutoff). They are not going to give her a diagnosis of mild intellectual disability, or of borderline intellectual functioning, yet though. They say that we should test her again at age 7 and that by that age IQ should be more stable.

What I find frustrating are two things.

1) That we still have no diagnosis. I feel like they just keep kicking the can down the road, and it just feels so open-ended to me. I want to just *know* what is going on, and it would be nice to have something to call it.

2) Everyone's reactions. Everyone says "I know her and I don't believe that result". I think that they mean well, like they are trying to say that they are sure everything will be fine. But to me it just comes off as dismissive.

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