Friday, June 11, 2010

Current status - 13 months

She's not really talking at all. She makes some sounds, but only "a" vowels. Mostly "ba" or "aba" or "mamama". She also squeals and she can click her tongue. She doesn't make other kinds of noises, and she certainly doesn't make words. We also sign with our kids and she isn't signing either. She seems like she is maybe right on the cusp of that now though. She will sign MILK back to me when she is nursing now, but not to ask for it yet. At least I think so - she could just be waving! Speaking of which, she also doesn't gesture, or at least she wasn't when we started this. Now she does wave, but she doesn't do it responsively. She does it when she wants attention though because she knows people will smile and wave back. Sometimes if I am trying to get her to sign something, she will start waving, so I think she knows that I want her to do something. I have recently gotten her to try to clap, though she does it with her hands crooked instead of facing each other, but I think she's getting it. She doesn't point or show us things at all. She doesn't follow instructions at all. She couldn't pick out the ball or the book from the group of toys. She does seem to know her name. She takes things out of a container but doesn't put things in. When we started, the physical therapist said she was at 5% for gross motor. She wasn't really crawling on all fours when we started - she would a little bit, but she mostly pulled herself on her belly. Now she is crawling well. She isn't walking or anything, but she does pull to standing and she is beginning to try to cruise now. The PT said that she has weak core muscles and as a result uses a wide stance in all positions. She is interested in moving around, and gets around pretty quickly though. She is definitely making good progress with her motor skills since we started PT. They placed her abilities around the 9 month level. I don't know if she is just late in developing, or if it is something more than that.

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