Thursday, June 10, 2010

Early Intervention - We qualify

The past few weeks, well, since her 12 month well-child check, I have been taking Sweets to a ton of evals, therapies, and appointments. Her ped had asked a bunch of questions like "Is she doing this or that" and she wasn't really doing any of it, so that's how this started. So Sweets finished her evals for the state early intervention program today. She was tested with a Bayley Scales test. She qualifies under communication, motor, and cognitive. She was fine for social-emotional and adaptive. She also passed her hearing test yesterday. She is scheduled for a speech eval next month, but now they are saying maybe she is still too young for it, so that might get cancelled.

Her scores on the Bayley were 71 for communication, 79 for motor, and 80 for cognitive. The scale is: 90-109 = Average; 80-89 = low average; 70-79 = delayed; <70 = significant delay

Now that she qualifies for the program, they will find us a physical therapist and a developmental therapist, who will each see her once per week at her daycare. They use a sliding scale for payment, and when I originally looked at it I thought there is no way we qualify for this at all, but it turns out that it is your income minus taxes, daycare, and healthcare. So we do qualify to pay only 40% of what is left after insurance.

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