Tuesday, November 9, 2010

speech therapy goals

I am feeling much better about our speech therapist now. Today I got a "Plan of Care" packet from her, which I have not gotten from our other therapists, but now I want to ask for it. It details her background for therapy and the goals they will be working on. It says they are working with a diagnosis of "Mixed Expressive-Receptive Language Delay", and "Severe" is marked as the degree of delay. That's the first I've seen anyone mark her with any kind of diagnosis, so that seems like progress, even if it's just descriptive.

Her short-term goals seem specific enough, so I thought that was good too.
*Expand her sound repertoire and frequency of vocalization by imitation of sounds during floortime activities with 80% accuracy across 3 consecutive sessions
*combine single sounds to form syllables 5 times during a therapy session with 80% accuracy
*use signs along with sounds to request "more," signal "all done" or to choose between activities with 80% accuracy across 3 consecutive sessions
*identify common objects in her environment by pointing, matching, or choosing from a choice of two with 80% accuracy across 3 consecutive sessions

In related news, she is doing really well with walking and is now walking about 50% of the time. She impressed everyone at LLL last night because it was the first time they have seen her walk. :)

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