Friday, December 3, 2010

child led therapy?

We have a developmental therapist who I don't really love, but I don't think she's necessarily bad either. I just think that she's not very child-led, and therefore misses opportunities to make the therapy more enjoyable for Sweets. I don't sit in on all the sessions, so maybe things are different when I'm not there too.

Example: Last time, she had it on her agenda to work on stacking with blocks. Sweets was not really interested in doing that and was trying to play a mimicking game where she was copying the sounds the therapist was making. The therapist let her do this for a minute, but then insisted that she work on blocks, so Sweets screamed and threw a tantrum. She did eventually work on the blocks though, but she also had a really hard time with it because they were lego-style blocks, and she can barely stack regular square blocks.

When the therapist came in, Sweets immediately started crying and was tearful for most of the session. The therapist said, "That's because she knows that I make her work!" In some ways, I understand that making her do these things even when she doesn't want to may be helpful for learning the skills. I feel a little uneasy about it, but then I wonder if she's right and that's what's necessary. But it just seems to me like it doesn't have to be a negative experience. She could have followed her lead and used the mimicking game for therapy purposes - at least that's what I would have done.

So, I really wonder, how child-led can I reasonably expect the therapist to be with her?

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