Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I visited CLC yesterday, the inclusive daycare that our CDSA coordinator suggested we look into. Overall it seemed fine. I wouldn't say it wowed me, but it is a 5 star center. It's in an older building that wasn't built to be a daycare. The windows are pretty high, so the kids can't see outside. The playground is nice enough with a slide with a ramp and steps, and a tricycle path. The director seemed very knowledgeable about special needs, and seemed to have a very nice relationship with the kids and staff. They prefer that we use their therapists, but we aren't sure if they are covered by our insurance. I asked about cloth diapers, and she said they haven't had a kid in cloth since 1994! But she said she would look up the requirements and she was sure we could work it out. She also said it would be possible to start Sweets for 3 days per week when she turns two, and then switch her full-time once Munchkin starts kindergarten. That way we could secure a spot before the August rush, and not have to send Munchkin to the home daycare without Sweets.

In other news, I thought we were going to have the OT eval yesterday afternoon, but it turned out to just be paperwork. The coordinator seemed really flaky, and I felt like I had to be on top of everything. We were having a meeting about OT, but she forgot to even have me sign the OT papers until I asked. She didn't get anywhere with getting the speech therapist to agree to 1 hour sessions, but we might get two 45 min sessions at least.

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