Monday, May 23, 2011

May speech evals

Sweets had her CDSA eval last week for speech. The SLP said that there are some features consistent with apraxia, but others that are not. At this stage, she didn't rule it in or out. We will have our Duke eval this week, so I'm curious whether they will say anything different. I have heard before that she may be too young to really be able to tell because she only just turned two. The good news though is that her receptive language seems fine, and her cognitive tested within average range this month too. Her expressive language is also not bad, in that she can sign to communicate (and she is learning new signs rapidly!). Her speech skills tested at 9-12 month level.

The CDSA eval SLP suggested making a list of about 20 words that Sweets would want to use frequently through her day, and working on those specifically, aiming for consistency and accuracy. So a more focussed approach instead of a broader approach. She also suggested that she could make us a set of picture cards for those words, one for home and another for daycare, to help Sweets identify what she is saying to us. That seemed like a good idea at the time, but as I think about it more I'm not really sure what that will give us, considering that Sweets can already sign all of those words (and a lot more) to give us a cue for what she is trying to say. What advantage would picture cards give us over the signing that she is already doing?

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