Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Developmental Eval - cognitive

Today Sweets had a developmental eval. The eval was done at our home and took about 1.5 hours. By the end, Sweets was just not interested in participating anymore. I was surprised that she did the 3-piece puzzle (she usually has a lot of trouble with that), but she would not even really try the 9-piece puzzle. She just got up and walked away! LOL The evaluator did a test where she hid a toy under a washcloth to see if Sweets could find it. At first she found it every time. But when the evaluator hid the toy, and then moved the washcloths, Sweets failed to find the toy every time. There was also a part with matching pictures, which Sweets participated in but failed every time.

The evaluator used the Bayley Scales test again, which is what we had last year too. This time, she scored a 90 for cognitive! Yay! Last time she had scored an 80, which is borderline delayed, but a 90 is within average range! We are very excited about that, because as long as she can understand things, even if she can't speak, she can still learn to communicate in other ways. She's already communicating well using sign language, and I know there are many other communication methods too. Sweets was also scored for social/emotional and scored at 93, but we weren't really concerned there. She did not get scored for PT, adaptive, or speech because she recently had a PT and OT eval, and she has a speech eval coming up this month.

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