Thursday, April 7, 2011

speech and apraxia

The only words that Sweets has that are really pretty clear and that she uses in context are Baby, Dada, and PeePee. Sometimes Bye-bye, sometimes Mama, but those require prompting. For other words, she will sometimes make an approximation sound, but it requires prompting. For example, she signs MORE, I say "You want more? More, More, Say More", and she will say "Muh". Words that begin with M, D, or B, she will usually do that for, just saying "Muh" or "Duh" or "Buh" with prompting and after signing. She also says "Buh" for Up. Sometimes we think she is trying to say "Love You" but it sounds like "Ahh Ooh" and we aren't sure. Some words she really tries to say, but they come out like just a garbled mess, like Shoes and Cheese. And those are about all the things she says. She will repeat more individual sounds with prompting if she is in the right mood for it (including "FFF" and "Puh" and "Lah"), and she will babble various sounds together as well. She also frequently makes a "Digga Digga Digga" sound in her babbling, which I don't think means anything, or if it does we don't understand it. Perhaps she is too young for the apraxia evaluation because she doesn't really have enough words to look at a picture and say what it is?

She knows about 40-50 ASL signs and communicates pretty effictively with sign. She's had her hearing checked twice. She will turn 2 this month.

We have signed her up for CLC, the inclusive special needs daycare, for this fall. Sweets will be be under CDSA until age 3 before going under the county school system. If she qualifies for developmental classroom on her IEP at that time, then the county will pay her tuition at CLC. I'm not sure if I can expect that she would qualify for that though.

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