Monday, April 25, 2011

upcoming IFSP review

I was speaking to our early intervention coordinator about Sweets' upcoming IFSP yearly review. We decided to have her evals before the IFSP review to have a better idea of where she stands before making new goals for her. She will have a developmental eval, and also a speech eval. The coordinator brought up apraxia to me, not knowing that I am already looking into it, and suggested that they can eval for that. I updated her about how the SLP didn't think that Sweets could really be diagnosed with apraxia until closer to 3, and how my ped said they could do the eval at Duke at age 2 so we have a Duke eval scheduled. She said that CDSA can do an eval for apraxia too, so we are thinking we will do both and have a 2nd opinion on this. I have also asked the SLP for more information on what she thinks fits or not about apraxia for Sweets at this point and am waiting on an email back on that. Unfortunately, the SLP will be out of town for our IFSP review, and will miss it. Considering speech is her biggest issue, that is a shame, but she will give a report for the IFSP before she leaves.

We also had Sweets measured for SureStep orthotics. I had the impression from the PT that it would cost around $150, but that is way off - it is more like $1100! Some of it is covered by insurance, and CDSA will also pay some, so hopefully in the end we'll only have to pay under $300, but I still don't know how much.

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