Friday, January 27, 2012

Developmental Ped

We had our first appointment with the developmental ped today. She was very nice, and was assisted by a medical resident.

Sweets wanted to be naked for this visit for some reason, but that didn't seem to phase anyone! I wasn't sure if I should try to make her wear her clothes, or just let her be comfortable so she could get on with the eval. I chose the latter though. It started with just her shirt coming off in the waiting room, and I did put that back on her then. I mean, at least let's get into the private room first! She stripped right down to her underwear, but did keep that on at least... for a good while anyway. At some point she did take off her unders too, and just did the rest of the eval completely naked. I dunno... I didn't fight it... I kept thinking that maybe it had something to do with using the potty (we had brought her little potty with us), but she didn't use the potty at all the entire time.

Anyway, the doc did a cognitive eval on her, which she scored 84 on. I thought that was about what she had scored in the past, but the doc pointed out that she had actually scored a 90 at 24 months. I don't know how I had forgotten that, given that a 90 puts her in "normal" range! At 84, she is just over 1 standard deviation below the mean. Which means it is significant, but not significant to qualify for services... (that requires 1.5 standard deviations). The doc said that her test was more of a "quick and dirty" eval, and that she will refer us for a full eval with a psychologist for a better eval.

The doc also did a neurological eval, which included checking her muscle tone. This was because we had mentioned that Sweets is still wearing orthotics, but we didn't know if she really needed them anymore. The doc said that she can feel that she is still hypotonic, so she thinks that yes, we should continue with the orthotics. But, again, she referred us to get a more complete PT eval as well.

So, the plan is that we will get these two evals, and all of the school evals, and then come back in April with all of the results and regroup at that time. All in all, I think it went pretty well. And maybe next time my kid can keep her clothes on!

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