Monday, January 30, 2012

Potty, Day 8

It has now been a week since Sweets just up and decided to start using the potty. She has been almost 100% at home since then (was 0% previously!).

Daycare was another story. She wasn't going at daycare at all all week. I think that she didn't like their potty - they can't use the little plastic potty like we have at home, and they don't even have a seat reducer. It is a child-size potty, but I guess she just didn't like it. I think it was also a problem because at home, when she has to go she just runs over to the potty and does it - she has free access at all times. At daycare, she has to tell the teacher, then they have to take her to the bathroom, then sit her on the potty. It just takes a lot longer, and she has to communicate it to them first.

But on Friday, they reported that she did actually use the potty at daycare, twice! Yay!

Then, this weekend, we took her out and about all sorts of places, and we brought her in unders. She now actively does NOT want to wear a diaper, ever. It was risky, but we packed a few changes of clothes, put a pee pee pad in the carseat, and off we went. And she did great! She told me she had to go several times, and successfully used the toilets in public restrooms and other people's houses all weekend! I did not even need to change her clothes at all!

She was also able to go when I put her on the potty pre-emptively before we left, so she has really mastered some control now! It is amazing how much progress she has made in the past week!

I washed diapers last night for the whole week and only had 7! (We still need them for sleep)

I feel pretty confident that she is going to use the potty all day at daycare now. I guess we'll find out when I pick her up today!

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