Sunday, January 22, 2012

Potty Time!

The most amazing thing has happened this weekend! Sweets has up and decided to start using the potty!

Up until now, she has been going diaperless at home when she wants to for about a year now. And she is able to mostly stay dry when she does this. When she doesn't have her diaper on and she has to go, she will ask for a diaper. If we try to sit her on the potty instead, she just sits and won't go. If we don't give her a diaper, she'll just wet on the floor. She does sit on the potty pretty regularly, though she has never actually GONE potty, she just SITS.

Until this weekend anyway!

When I changed her diaper on Saturday evening around 5:30pm, she didn't want a new diaper on. Which is not unusual. I put unders on her. Around 8:30pm, she looked up at me and said "Pee Pee!", which I expected to mean that she had wet herself. But she was dry. So I asked her, "Do you want to pee pee on the potty?" and she said "Pee Pee on Potty". So I put her on the potty.

And... she PEED! ON the potty!!

First Time!

We were all SOOO excited!

Overnight, she woke up and wanted to sit on the potty again. She said she had to poop this time. I don't know if she actually did though, because I was half asleep and didn't turn on the light.

Then today, she has been diaperless all day except for her nap, and she has used the potty 5 times, including a poop!

It's amazing! It's like she just decided that she was going to start using the potty, so now she does it!

Now I wonder how this will work out at daycare, where she will have less immediate access to the potty. She will have to ask a teacher to take her, which may not give her enough time to make it in time. Today she has sometimes announced she had to go first, but other times she just went and sat down on the potty and went by herself.

I plan to bring many changes of clothes for her and see how it goes!

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